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2014 Keystone Tour Press Release

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Blain Leppo Keystone Legends Tour Winner at Linda’s

    (Jonestown, PA, August 29, 2014)  Blaine Leppo of Spring Grove, PA won his first Keystone Legends main event of the season Friday night at Linda’s Speedway after a torrid battle with Jason Rochelle and Chris McKinney on a night to honor the first Keystone Legends Tour champion, Ronnie Dunstan. 

      Blaine Leppo and Tim Bauer led the field to the main event green flag with Leppo assuming command.  As the field exited turn four Bauer made contact with the leader, forcing his own front bumper into his right front tire and snapping his #890 into a snap spin on the front straight.  Jason Rochelle and Chris Transeau made it past the twirling Bauer, but Bill Diehl, Lucas Montgomery, Scott Houdeshell, and Keith Haring made contract with all suffering enough damage to retire from the event. 

     On the restart, Rochelle started outside the front row and used the high line to snatch the opening lap lead.  McKinney was right on Rochelle’s bumper relegating Leppo to third as Tim Henry and Bob Stough rounded out the top five.  Rochelle led the first seven laps before Leppo swept under both lead cars in turn four to lead lap eight.  Rochelle battled back on the outside to reclaim the top spot on the ninth circuit, but Leppo was strong on the bottom and regained the lead at the halfway mark.  On lap thirteen Travis McClellan took fourth from Tim Henry, completing a fine ninth to fourth run in his first Linda’s Speedway appearance.

     Leppo took the checkers ahead of Rochelle, McKinney, McClelland, and Tim Henry as Bob Stough, Scott Gobrecht, Tim Tomson, Brian Levan, and ClintonPenkauskas completed the top ten finishers.

     Leppo, Montgomery, and Rochelle won heat races for the 28-car field as Casey Earnst led the final feature qualifiers with a victory in the ‘B’ main event.

     The night to honor the 1994 Keystone Legends Tour champion, Ronnie Dunstan, attracted a stellar field including nine more former Tour champions, including Shaun Carrig (1996 and 1997), Brian Levan (1997 and 1998 champion at the Fairgrounds at Kutztown), Jim Baker (1999 Kutztown and 2000 Tour champioin), Tim Henry (2001, 2003, & 2008), Tim Tomson (2002 & 2006), Jason Rochelle (2004, 2005, 2009, & 2012), Tim Bauer (2010), Scott Houdeshell (2011), and Bill Diehl (2013).  Many other former Tour drivers were in the pits and the evening provided an opportunity for the new guard to meet the old guard and learn more of the history of the past twenty-one years of Legend car racing in the Middle Atlantic states.

     Congratulations are in order for Chris McKinney, who parlayed two strong third place finishes to take the point championship over the rain-plagued 2014 mini-series at Linda’s Speedway.




BOX SCORE:  Heat #1:  1. Blaine Leppo (10) 2. Chris McKinney (3M) 3. Tim Henry (0) 4. Bob Stough (07) 5. Keith Haring (35) 6. Casey Earnst (120) 7. Vernon Houseman (20) 8. Ron Haring (35H) 9. Howard Hunter (H) DNS:  Mike Brannan (1)  Heat #2:  1. Lucas Montgomery (15) 2. Chris Transeau (18) 3. Tim Bauer (890) 4. Tim Tomson (94T) 5. Clinton Penkauskas (12J) 6. Randy Fetterolf (77) 7. John Hall (44X) 8. Joe Plunkett (41S) 9. Shaun Carrig (02)  Heat #3: 1. Jason Rochelle (48) 2. Bill Diehl (53) 3 Travis McClellan (51) 4. Scott Houdeshell (5) 5. Chris Spidle (09) 6. Scott Gobrecht (44) 7. Brian Levan (5K) 8. Brad Mellott (6X) 9. George Abt (2)  ‘B’ Main:  1. Scott Gobrecht (44) 2. Casey Earnst (120) 3. Randy Fetterolf (77) 4. VernonHouseman (20) 5. Brian Levan (5K) 6. John Hall (44X) 7. Brad Mellott (6X) 8. Ron Haring (35) 9. George Abt (2) 10. Joe Plunkett (41S) 11. Howard Hunter (H) DNS:  Shaun Carrig (02), Mike Brannan (1)  ‘A’ Main (20-laps):  1. Blaine Leppo (10) 2. Jason Rochelle (48) 3. Chris McKinney (3M) 4. Travis McClellan (51) 5. Tim Henry (0) 6. Bob Stough (07) 7. Scott Gobrecht (44) 8. Tim Tomson (94T) 9. Brian Levan (5K) 10. Clinton Penkauskas (12J) 11. Randy Fetterolf (77) 12. Vernon Houseman (20) 13. Brad Mellott (6X) 14. Casey Earnst (120) 15. Chris Transeau (18) 16. John Hall (44X) 17. Chris Spidle (09) 18. Tim Bauer (890) 19. Bill Diehl (53) 20. Lucas Montgomery (15) 21. Scott Houdeshell (5) 22. Keith Haring (35)  #




Daylong Rains Postpone Linda’s Program

     (Jonestown, PA, June 13, 2014)  Heavy Thursday night rains and a forecast for showers and thunderstorms throughout race day again forced the cancellation of theFriday night racing program at Linda’s Speedway.  The Keystone Legends Tour will return to the Jonestown, PA quarter mile dirt track on Friday night, July 18, trying to end Mother Nature’s three-race win streak. 




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